Voice 28: Ian White, Tutor, Cliff College

Ian White is the Senior Tutor at Cliff College (www.cliffcollege.ac.uk) where he heads up the Short Courses programme, as well as looks after his beloved BA in Mission and Ministry students, and tries to co-ordinate the annual Festival event.

Ian is also the Executive Director of Micah68, (www.micah6-8.org.uk) a Christian organisation offering support to the people of the Middle East. This ministry focuses on advocacy, friendship and practical support for a variety of projects across the region.


Ian is a Methodist Local Preacher, worships at a local Methodist Church in Sheffield, chairs the 35 Chapel Walk arts centre management group, loves MUFC, the Lake District, walking, kayaking and live music.

Listen to Ian’s prayer for April Fools Day:


Ian’s Prayer

Here on the study wall my mementos, my photos, my clippings.

There a text cut out and blue-tacked years ago to encourage.

Smiling faces of degree success and old colleagues urging me to remember them on the mission field.

Gifts of gratitude and past achievements mix with to do lists and future plans.

Plants and flipcharts, email requests and winners medals.

A window onto a wider world where the birds gather briefly on the balcony to feed and fly.

And daily in the chapel the community prayer;

Leader: We proclaim:

All: Christ for All.

Leader: We live:

All: All for Christ.


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