Voice 16: Victoria Etherington, Youth Ministry Leader, York Circuit

Victoria is Youth Ministry Leader for York Circuit. Her time is shared by York and Hull District, where she supports uYPS and Step Up, the youth synod. She lives near Wetherby with Andrew, their daughters, Anastasia and Rosalynd and Junior, a cockapoo puppy who thinks he is Tigger!

Praying without words

I perceive words as shapes, colours and emotions; some words are smooth whereas others are sharp or spiky, some are rich and pleasing to say, write or read, others are unpleasant. Oddly enough these sensory experiences have nothing to do with the meaning of the word, for example the words circular and laughter are sharp, teapot is angry, whilst blue and wood are warm. This can make meaningful verbal prayer quite challenging. As I experience God through the wonder of creation, I tend to pray using images instead of words. A good friend of mine is a photographer and he often sends me pictures he thinks I might enjoy. With his help, I have created this short clip to try and express my experience of prayer.

Listen and watch Victoria’s prayer here:






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