Voice 6: Canon Dr Christine Gore, Diocese of Sheffield

Today we welcome Christine Gore as one of our 40 voices. Christine is one the Ecumenical Partners of the Yorkshire Plus DMLN and she works as the Director of Formation for Ministry and Principal of St Peter’s College in the Diocese of Sheffield.

Originally from Southport in Lancashire, Christine studied Genetics to Doctorate level. After being called into ministry she went on to do yet more studies – this time in Theology, up to Masters level. Prior to taking up her current position she was teaching and training Church Army Evangelists and then Church of England Ordinands. Her hobbies include photography, singing, films, walking and gardening.

Christ before me

I spend around 25 minutes each day driving the same route to work and rather than listen to the radio I make use of the space to pray for the day ahead and other concerns.  So  I have adapted a portion of the prayer known as  St Patrick’s Breastplate which I use as a framework for guiding my prayers, adding whatever else seems important that day.

Christ before me…

Christ behind me…

Christ on my left and right…

Christ beneath me…

Christ above me…

Christ within me…

Christ through me….

For example, when praying ‘Christ behind me’ I think of those I have physically or mentally left behind to go to work; and for ‘Christ above me’ I pray that I might live out Christ’s kingly rule in my life that day… amongst other things.  I’m sure you get the picture.

I pray out loud (otherwise my mind goes wandering off in all directions!) and in these days of hands free phones I don’t get too many strange looks as I commit my day, my family and friends, the world and my other concerns to God. Plus I arrive at work in a much better frame of mind knowing that I have placed it all into God’s gracious and loving hands.


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