Voice 3: Dr Elizabeth Burroughs, Women’s World Day of Prayer

Today is Women’s World Day of Prayer, celebrated annually in over 170 countries on the first Friday in March.We welcome as our guest voice Elizabeth Burroughs, Chairperson of the National Committee for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Liz is proud to be a Cornish Methodist, born and bred, although she spent most of her working life as a doctor  in South Yorkshire. She says, “Since returning to Cornwall, I  have become a fully accredited Local Preacher and been an Ecumenical Accompanier – twice. I am secretary of  a trust which runs SACREdplace, a Christian bookshop, in St Austell:  do call in and see us if you are down our way.  I am passionate about prayer in general and about Women’s World Day of Prayer in particular.  There is something very wonderful about being a part of a huge body of people – men as well as women – all round the world who are all using the same prayers, focussing on the same problems and concentrating on the same country at the same time.  What an affirmation of faith!  It just can’t fail to make a difference.

Listen to Liz talk about the Women’s World Day of Prayer here and her prayer is written out below.


Prayer for Prayer Resource 2017 – Am I being unfair to you?

God of peace and justice

We often pray that you will bring peace and justice to the world, conveniently forgetting that the world you created was one of peace and justice and that it is we human beings who used the free will you gave us to cause all the conflict and injustice that now exists.

Forgive us for our greed that has caused others to lack food, water, fuel and shelter.

Forgive us for our love of power that has caused others to be exploited, trafficked, oppressed and victimised.

Forgive is for our thoughtlessness that has cause others to be forgotten, unloved, uncared for and unmourned.

Remind us once again of the example of your son, Jesus Christ, who always served, always cared and always gave – even his own life – for others, with no thought for himself.

May we too become servers, carers and givers to all, without judgment or discrimination, so that your peace and your justice will return and your world will become once again the one you created.

Elizabeth Burroughs                                      

Find out more about the WWDP here http://www.wwdp.org.uk/

You can follow WWDP on Twitter @WWDPforEWNI and Liz @ElizabethABurro


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